Dedication Ceremony of the Bible Mission Sanctuary

Fasting prayers

Special fasting prayers were conducted for 12 days in the Sanctuary of Bible Mission. Believers of the Bible Mission from various districts united with the believers of Gooty church in these prayers. Lakhs of believers, who belong to the Sanctuary, spent 12 days in fasting prayer and offered the rice collected during those days to God (quantity of the rice that was offered was two trucks-load.)

The miracle performed by God regarding weather

Before the day of dedication service on the 9th of December 2010, it rained heavily throughout the state. Heavy winds created havoc in some places. On the morning of 7th December it rained near Sanctuary. Many from several districts inquired whether the dedication service would be on the 9th or postponed. But God provided a wonderful weather and helped to conduct the dedication service of Sanctuary with grandeur. We praised God for providing comfortable weather. Bible Mission, Gooty 20 Years Ministry Souvenir 22 Multitudes Attended the Dedication Service of Sanctuary

Multitudes attended the dedication service of Sanctuary

Lakhs of people participated in the dedication service. Roads were crowded with people. Those who witnessed this were surprised, as the people of Israel did when they
saw Manna, “What is it?” The premises of Sanctuary were filled with God’s glory. The parking space was filled with vehicles. On Thursday morning lakhs of people from
various districts of Andhra Pradesh, and several other states gathered for the dedication service. The members of Sanctuary, who are working in other countries, united with us in the dedication service. Large crowd filled the new Sanctuary building, thatched roof Sanctuary, Open ground in front of Sanctuary , and the tent. Some parked their vehicles 2 kms away from the Sanctuary and walked to the place. God gave good heart to the district superintendent of police of Tadipatri, circle inspectors, sub inspectors and constables to control the traffic in a good manner. Many testified that they had never seen such a programme in their life. God helped us to conduct this service with discipline. 23 Bible Mission, Gooty 20 Years Ministry Souvenir A grand opening of the Sanctuary. Cutting the ribbon with a pair of golden scissors Opening of the Altar in Sanctuary

Opening of the Sanctuary

After the prayer in the Sanctuary God’s servants, God’s servants from various missions, special invitees, lakhs of members of the Sanctuary and church members proceeded towards the new construction joyfully. We testify that God himself cut the ribbon. Many saw in visions, not God’s servant, only God cut the ribbon with a pair of
golden scissors. When we entered the Sanctuary, our hearts were filled with joy. We shed tears of joy. We saw God’s glory everywhere. Even the new comers could not but praise God. After the dedication of altar, messages were given, and special greetings were given. Testimony about the construction was revealed. Lakhs of people knelt and praised God.

God’s special protection

God in his grace provided his protection on the day of dedication service. No one in their journey met with any accident. God revealed in a vision that there would be stampede during the service. Although there were 2000 volunteers, they could not control the crowd. Even the God’s servant Rev. B. Adbutha Kumar could not control them. At that moment when we prayed God to show grace, amazingly He restored order, and helped us to conduct the service without any untoward incident.

Blessed feast

During the dedication ceremony God showed a special grace about the blessed feast. According to what had been revealed by God we needed mutton worth Rs. 32,50,000. During that time works related to the dedication service were going on in full swing. There was no money for the blessed feast. Even then we were confident. We prayed God, who performed so many miracles, in faith to meet this need also. Since two weeks before the day of the dedication service of Sanctuary believers started to bring sheep and goats as an offering. Blessed feast was arranged and lakhs of people partook in it. The believers, who were serving food, appeared like the army of Israel. Those who witnessed this praised God. Within a short period of time God helped us to serve food to all.

Blessed rice

Construction work went in full swing before the day of dedication service. Masons, electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, granite stone workers and many believers stayed in the Sanctuary and worked. At that time blessed rice was used. When we prayed God for the blessed rice for the blessed feast of the dedication service, God answered. Three truck-loads of rice was left even after lakhs of people had the blessed meal. Glory be to God! Amen!

Plenty of water

God provided water for cooking the blessed feast, and for lakhs of people to drink and to take bath. Water from four bore wells was stored in two tanks. In addition to that
tankers brought water day and night and filled the tank. Praise the LORD for the provision of water! Amen!


The place in front of the altar was decorated with expensive and beautiful (Bangalore) flowers, from the entrance to the backside of the altar. Those who participated in the dedication service were very happy and praised God.

Video and Television

Plasma televisions were arranged. Crane was used to take photos and video. Praise the LORD for this which He has done in a wonderful way! Amen!

Giving of blessed offerings

During the dedication service it appeared that it was not possible to give offerings. We were afraid that there could be stampede. When we prayed, God showed grace.
Those who could not give their offerings on the day of dedication are still giving.

Blessed works of dedication service

By God’s grace lakhs of believers not only prayed but also participated in the blessed works. Many arrived at the Bible Mission, Gooty, one week before. Every day they used to participate in the construction work, and in the evening spent their time in praising and praying. Girls and boys distributed the invitation cards, printed in three languages, in their colleges and to the elders. Employees and politicians, who received these cards, were astounded after reading the contents. God gave wisdom and right thoughts to both the servants of God (Rev. B. Adbutha Kumar and Mrs. B. Mani Kumari). The Triune God conducted the dedication service of the Sanctuary in such a way that it is beyond words to describe it. Many of those who attended the dedication service testified that they received Jesus Christ as their personal saviour, strengthened spiritually, seen God, stopped consuming alcohol, blessed with children after partaking in the blessing feast. Those who attended the dedication service testified that they didn’t have words to describe it. They never experienced such God’s miracles, those images are still fresh in their minds. God only did this construction work and also conducted the dedication service. They did not understand the ministry of the Bible Mission, Gooty, but now through this event they have understood it. Praise the LORD! Amen!

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